Logo design questionnaire
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Logo design questionnaire

The form below will give us some initial information about your personal logo design preferences and help us to further define the brief.

Please complete the form in as much detail as you can at this point – the more information you can share with us at this early stage, the better!


  • Your details

  • What sort of style would you like for your new logo?

    Move the sliders to the left or right for what you feel is most appropriate for the design.

  • Colour preferences

    Colour plays an important part in the messages your logo communicates - just pick your preference at this stage, we'll help you with the colour further down the project process.

  • Additional information

    Use this section to tell us as much as you can about you, your business, target markets and so on.

  • For example, your brand name.
  • Leave this blank if you don't want a strapline.
  • For example, Automotive, Publishing or Retail

  • Examples

    Anything else visual that you can share with us helps our creative team to get a better understanding of your creative preferences.

  • These can be links to image files or company websites - these are just for reference.
  • Use this to upload a design brief, if you have one, or anything else you feel relevant to the project.

  • Deliverables

    Once the logo has been completed, would you like us to quote for applying it to other collateral?

    Check all that may apply.