Remote working designers

If you make one change to your marketing in 2022, here’s why we think it should be Toast.

Let’s face it, the last couple of years have been unusual, to say the least.

Everyone’s work-life has been affected from adjusting to working from home if not furloughed, meetings via zoom replacing face to face contact or just the complete upheaval caused by COVID to supply chains.

Everything has been open to change and a complete rethink of how we will work in the near and distant future.

New (old) ways of working

Luckily, Toast was open every day over this period and succeeded by continuing to put our customers at the heart of everything we do.

As it happened, Toast has always been about putting customers in direct communication with its designers, eliminating any chance of miscommunication or unnecessary admin or interference.

Long before COVID, we were advocates of using technology to improve the design process with online meetings via google hangouts, zoom or skype and project management tools such as basecamp to ensure projects were completed on time and to brief.

This application of technology helped us not only complete jobs where our clients were on other continents like OnCall Africa Rebrand and Identity and new WordPress Website but also improve projects closer to home where regular amends and changes were needed to large complicated projects such as catalogue design.

Business Critical WordPress websites

Having a website is nothing new, but if the pandemic has taught us anything it is that a company’s website is a critical component to its success.

Over the last 2 years having an up to date website that is easy to update and manage in-house could have meant the difference between success and failure.

The WordPress platform is perfect for this and Toast specialises in delivering bespoke WordPress solutions that include e-commerce stores and more. 

Annual Reports without the headache

Every year some of our clients have the challenge of summing up the last year and outlining how they intend to face the next one in their Annual Report or Review.

These business-critical publications that need to fulfil legal as well as accessibility standards are also an excellent opportunity to reinforce core beliefs, achievements and ambitions.

Our experience in every facet of Annual Report production from Infographics, tables and corporate identity design ensures projects are completed on time, on budget and on-brand.

Recently we have seen more and more clients create an interactive version that allows them to embed videos and make the whole experience more engaging to a broader range of stakeholders.

An acceleration in need of cross media messaging

As many looked to find a way of engaging historically offline customers with online offerings our Digital Brochures helped our clients engage their customers across a range of media and channels. Most of our clients use Digital Brochures to compliment rather than replace a traditional brochure, but if you have gone to the trouble of creating a brochure why would you not want to have an interactive version you can use online?

Going Social

In pursuit of customers, as pretty much the whole world went online, our clients asked us to create online content and motion graphics for social media campaigns. Our motion graphics helped them engage the customers they found online and increase brand awareness. It’s essential when creating content for social media to get the formats and settings correct so they work as desired on every platform.

New Year, New Look?

As companies have been forced to reconsider their fundamental values and how they engage their customers and stakeholders, many brands have been found lacking. If you want to challenge or re-evaluate your Brand Strategy we can help you ask the right questions and craft a new position. Once we have this approach our creative branding specialists will work with you to embody your brand in a logo, but more importantly define how this sits within the identity and how best to apply it to any and all channels. We recently worked with Elton Johns AIDS Foundation to take their brand (which we didn’t design) and create a set of brand guidelines that literally showed how to empower the identity and deliver it correctly and consistently.