Our HubSpot team have one goal – to generate leads for your organisation through inbound marketing.

We do that by creating an effective digital content strategy and building a portfolio of great digital content. We link that all together using the principles of Inbound Marketing and HubSpot.

Central to these inbound marketing principles is that fact that creating content is the most effective way to attract more visitors to your digital sites and generate those leads. All the search engines and SEO supremos will tell you the same thing – create great content.

So put down the telephone directory you cold call with. Stop clogging email inboxes with thinly disguised ‘please buy something’ sales messages. Instead, create fantastic digital marketing campaigns that will work continuously from the moment they are launched.

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Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing?

The digital world is about marketing to the individual. Your role is to take them from the research and education part of the sales and marketing funnel to the ‘sales-ready’ bottom of the funnel. So start running individual inbound campaigns for, say, 1,000 prospects instead of interrupting 1,000 prospects and getting them to act regardless of where they are in the funnel. That is what Inbound Marketing is all about and where HubSpot makes it easy to manage!

If you partner with Toast Inbound, a UK-based HubSpot agency, you’ll get an agency fluent in both marketing and sales that can take the great stories you have to tell and use them to create visitors and leads.

A key tool for successful Inbound Marketing is HubSpot. Toast has worked with HubSpot since 2012 and uses its marketing automation application every day within our own business.

HubSpot tracks all the inbound marketing manages the nurturing process and presents all the relevant statistics on easy to understand dashboards. Toast is a HubSpot Gold Partner.

Inbound Skills at your disposal

You might consider hiring someone to write lots of content. But there are many other digital marketing skills needed to fit it all together. If you work with Toast Inbound you’ll have:

  • An inbound strategist who will work alongside you to record personas, propositions, keywords as well as the content
  • An inbound consultant who project manages the delivery of the strategy as a series of digital assets that work together to create visits and leads
  • A specialist in SEO who will be monitoring rankings, page performance, and conversions.
  • An inbound Analyst who will collect and present complete end-to-end statistics from the first website visit to the final change of status to ‘customer’
  • A copywriter/editor who can take the very basics of communication and craft it into a readable blog or valuable premium download
  • A social media expert who can take content and can publish it on the networks of social media sites. Their purpose is not to create likes and loves but takes people to the content you’ve created
  • A digital designer who can take the content and create great graphics, diagrams, charts and calls-to-action.
  • A web developer to optimise your website so that it completely optimised for search – speed, size, indexing, structure, etc.
  • And last but by no means least an Automation specialist who can take all the content, keywords, calls-to-action and plan knock-out landing pages, response emails and the magic science of workflows to control excellent communication with your suspects and prospects.

If you can’t stretch to employing this full inbound marketing squad, then contact Toast Inbound to see how we can fit in with your resources to create successful lead generation programmes using Inbound Marketing.

HubSpot and WordPress

HubSpot has amazing CRM and marketing automation functions, but we also work with a lot of clients who already have large and established WordPress powered websites.

Fortunately, WordPress and HubSpot play nicely together.

We can help you to integrate HubSpot into your existing WordPress site; harnessing all the power of the CRM and automation within the WordPress CMS.

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