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Hubspot for The British Library

It has been a privilege to work with The British Library since last summer getting some inbound marketing initiatives up and running using the HubSpot all-in-one marketing platform.

The British Library is a fascinating organisation that seems to blend a kind of membership services organisation with a public service provider, an exhibition operator and small business advisor. As such, it has a mix of marketing targets ranging from membership recruitment to helping new UK businesses get up and running.

One core requirement, however, was to understand who was accessing their online resources so that the marketing could provide targeted, relevant information to those people based on their usage, the content they had accessed and any social media profiling data that could be gathered on them.

So if someone downloaded a guide to The Fashion Industry, they could then send follow up emails about new fashion resources or fashion-specific business and intellectual property events. If a subsequent exhibition featured fashion, the British Library would already have built a highly targeted contact list to send information to.

The British Library has also used HubSpot as a tactical marketing platform for key exhibitions that they hosted. With a huge web redevelopment project running in the background, HubSpot has been a great tool for creating specific landing pages, forms and response emails – all set up by the Marketing staff without the need to disturb the development team.

One of the Exhibition quizzes attracted around 8,000 entries of whom over 25% signed up to the Library’s email newsletter about future services and events.

If your organisation would also benefit from knowing more about your website visitors and how to engage with them on the HubSpot all-in-one marketing platform, please contact us. Free one-month trials are available so you can get a glimpse at what HubSpot can do for your organisation.

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