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Sushi branding & packaging.

We love Sushi here at Toast so thought we’d design our own Sushi logo, branding and clever packaging design

When it comes to sushi logo ideas, the funkier the better! With brands like Yo! Sushi pushes the fun aspect of the food, sushi branding can push the boundaries a little, which allows for some fun, funky creativity.

Some of the best sushi logos take this to the extreme, with strong vector designs, bright colours and crazy character icon designs.

Sushi Logo and Brand Design

Mosatu Sushi – Logo and Branding Design

Our unique branding design is a little more restrained, but still has the all-important element of fun and would be suited for a family-friendly sushi restaurant (we’ve even come us with a sushi restaurant name idea too).

The inspiration for these sushi logo ideas came from how much kids love sushi and the playful nature of the food. Sushi restaurants tend to be quite laid-back affairs, so the design plays on this aspect.

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Character designs

Always a good addition to a playful brand, characters can give you an extra creative aspect of using across social media and other channels (even down to merchandise).

Sushi Logo Designs

The full identity.

Whether you’re a Sushi bar or restaurant, applying your branding consistently across all your marketing channels is important. Just because it’s fun, it shouldn’t look DIY.

Toast’s branding team have worked with all types of food brands to develop names, create logos and apply the branding to everything; from advertising to websites.

We work with start-up and grown-up brands to inject some fun and excitement back into businesses that might need a bit of a boost!

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