Esports team logo design

Whilst they are a relatively new phenomenon, esports teams still need great branding! This Esports team logo design is a recent micro-project.

The esports market is already worth $194 million, and individual players can bring in earnings upwards of $1 million a year.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one game in particular that attracts some serious players. So when asked to create an Esports team logo design, it seemed like a good idea.

Being a relatively young sector, esports teams tend to have some rather interesting names. The brief was to create a logo for the team ‘ASDA Smart Price’.

Our first piece of advice was to drop the ASDA brand name from the team – if you’re planning on playing in some top-level tournaments, you don’t really want to build a brand name based on someone else’s.

So the name was changed to Smart Price and the design work began!

Initial sketches

Esports Logo design

Nearly all gaming logos need to fit in a square format when being used online as avatars and clan logos. A common challenge for our professional icon designers whether creating a logo or buttons for online apps. We decided to create a logo that focused on the first two letters of the team name to make it easier to design for this format.

The game the esports team plays is a pretty graphic affair; teams play either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ guys and it has a strong military bias, so we explored developing something that mirrored this.

eposrts team logo design

Design development

Playing around with the idea of Sergeants stripes and/or a shield was a good direction as it gave us a dynamic shape that fitted in with both the style of the game.

As the two letters we were working with were quite different in shape, it posed a bit of a challenge to get them working together nicely, but the initial sketches found some interesting ways for this to work.

As you can imagine, there wasn’t exactly a large budget for this project, so the initial designs were further developed in illustrator to create the final vectors.

gaming logo
e-sports team logo
CSGO Clan Logo design

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