Craft Beer Branding

With craft beer and real ales becoming increasingly popular,  a creative beer branding strategy and label design has never been more important.

Andy at Toast has explored craft Beer Branding in this conceptual project for both beer logo design, label design and beer bottle packaging.

There has been a huge surge in the number of UK breweries over the last couple of years (The Guardian). This makes craft beer branding all the more important!

With the marketplace becoming ever-more saturated, and more new products on the shelves every month, your beer branding strategy is now crucial to the success of your product.

It’s no longer enough to have a great beer with a DIY beer label – you now almost need craft beer label art!

Our take on craft beer brand identity design.

Every beer brand needs a great story behind it, and the inspiration for this craft beer logo and design has come from Mexico’s Day of the Dead holiday.

The design work picks up on the vibrant colours of the festival and gives weight to the brand name Afterlife Ales.

The beer brand design has been applied to various packaging, from 330ml cans, bottles, multipacks and merchandising.

craft beer branding

Initial sketch concepts

beer branding strategy


craft beer label design

craft beer packaging

Give your craft beer product the creative advantage!

From beer branding to custom brewery merchandise, Toast can help you define your strategy and create a powerful, creative beer brand that works for your product and gets the bottles flying off the shelves.