Accessory Branding

Branding for mobile accessories

This conceptual project is for a brand named RIBN (pronounced Ribbon) – an idea for 100% recyclable mobile phone accessories.

The idea.

In an ever-growing world of cheap and throw-away accessories for mobiles, this concept project is a product branding and packaging design for a company that aims to change the way we think about mobile phone charging cables and accessories.

The idea behind the product is to produce a cable that can be broken down into composite parts that can then be easily recycled either at the kerbside or recycling centres.

The name.

Picking up on trends for different spellings of regular dictionary words, the name RIBN for this mobile phone branding design was derived from the idea of using a thinner cable (the physical aspect of the product) and the concept of how ribbon can be wrapped, bent and twisted whilst maintaining its integrity – it always reverts back to its’ original form.

Playing with the concept of ‘removing the unnecessary’ which is in line with the concept of the product, the name also follows this concept to remove the letters from the word Ribbon to the bare minimum whilst still making the word recognisable.

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Accessory Branding

Logo design concepts.

Every branding project we work on at Toast starts life with research and sketches on paper.

This allows us to cover a lot of creative ground when exploring potential directions for logo and branding work and doesn’t burn your budget during the early stages of the project.

With all our product branding projects, all the designers at Toast join in at the concept stage to ensure we produce a wide and diverse range of ideas.

Product Logo design concepts

Logo Design development.

Once we’ve established a firm creative direction for the project that answers the brief, we move onto the Macs to start developing the concept further and to a more finished stage.

Again, this stage of the project typically includes multiple rounds of development and tweaks to the logo design before we get close to the finished piece.

With logo work, experience in Adobe Illustrator is crucial, as it a keen eye for typography.

We believe logo design is an art, not a science, so we fine-tune all our logo design work by eye rather than allowing auto-spacing and arrangement by maths.

This is part of the true craft of logo design and the result is a well balanced and optically perfect logo.


Taking your brand further.

It’s rare that we just work on logo design. Our branding projects typically encompass other collateral such as business stationery, signage, marketing materials and product packaging design.

As a full-service agency, we can provide all of these services in-house – removing the need to use several different agencies – this saves time and money and ensures the application of branding is consistent across everything.

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Product Branding