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Don’t have time to write blog posts?

Producing new content for a website can be a time-consuming business.

You need to research focus keywords, write the copy, source some images, put it all up on the site and SEO it.

One of the main reasons that people don’t publish enough new content to their website is that they don’t have time to write blog posts.

We’re all busy doing other things, which is why Toast is now offering our clients a blog writing service, specifically for WordPress websites.

We produce the content, add an image, SEO it and post it for you twice (or more) a month. We’ll also add a form to the page so you can see how the new content performs and how many enquiries it generates.

We can do this for you!

The two main types of content

There are two main ways to get more site traffic. Firstly you need to rank higher in the search engines, and secondly, you need good quality sites to link to you (back-links).

Ranking in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page)

In order for Google (other search engines are available) to rank your site, there are hundreds of tiny things that are taken into consideration. Something that ranks high on this list is good quality content. Putting links to this sort of content in front of searchers is what Google exists for. If you’ve got content that matches search strings, you’ll start to rank. Not your whole site, not your home page, but the page specifically designed for the task.

Getting good backlinks

Part of the algorithm that Google uses to rank your site looks at what other sites link to you and how important these sites are. In the old days, black hat SEO techniques included buying back-links to your site – having loads of links made you popular and improved your ranking. Those days are now gone. Google is looking for natural and organic back links that are not paid-for and forced – links that are created by people that are genuinely relevant to your site.

How Toast can help

We can help to plan and produce Searchworthy content for you. We recommend writing new content for your site at least once a week, more if possible.

The more good quality optimised content you get on your site, the more traffic you’ll receive and the more enquiries you’ll get. It is that simple, but we understand that not all our clients have the time or technical knowledge to get this sorted.

This is where the Toast Blog Writing service comes in.


We help you to plan 12 months of blogging activity.


We produce the content to match the keywords we want to target.


Posting and SEO optimising
We post the content on the site and do the on-page SEO.


We plug stuff in so you can see how effective the content is.

SEO and Blogging are processes, not projects

You can’t just do one blog post and expect results, you need to be consistent and post regularly, so our Blog Writing Service runs for 12 months. That’s 48 blog posts in a year.