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Inbound Marketing

Going beyond SEO.

Using your content to connect with potential buyers is by far the best way of getting traffic to your website.

If your site really impresses your visitor, you’re much more likely to get a conversion and ultimately, a new customer.


What is Hubspot

Hubspot integrates all your inbound marketing activities on one platform Hubspot is a powerful Inbound marketing tool that helps you to attract, convert, close and delights your customers. Talk to Toast Design a leading UK Hubspot Partner. Toast are a UK Hubspot partner – but we don’t just implement HubSpot for clients! We use HubSpot […]

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Reasons to use Inbound Marketing

12 Reasons to use Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing techniques and software will undoubtedly have a beneficial effect on the performance of your digital marketing. There are so many Reasons to use Inbound Marketing to increase conversions and sales, but you don’t have to dive in head first and try to do everything at once. The key to successful inbound marketing campaigns is […]

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Benefits of Content Marketing

The Benefits of Content Marketing – win new business online

Whether you’re winning business online already or planning to improve your digital marketing, the benefits of content marketing are clear; it will help you win more business online. If you sell a product or service via your website, getting sales and new business conversions is a numbers game. You need a healthy number of visitors to […]

Content benefits
Hubspot and WordPress

Hubspot and WordPress

Hubspot has a pretty hefty content management system for sites hosted on their COS, but what if you need to integrate Hubspot and WordPress? As WordPress experts we help businesses that want to retain their existing WordPress install and integrate all of Hubspot’s functionality into their current site. Hubspot and WordPress can play very nicely together if everything is […]

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Don’t have time to write blog posts?

Producing new content for a website can be a time-consuming business. You need to research focus keywords, write the copy, source some images, put it all up on the site and SEO it. One of the main reasons that people don’t publish enough new content to their website is that they don’t have time to write blog […]

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Hubspot for The British Library

It has been a privilege to work with The British Library since last summer getting some inbound marketing initiatives up and running using the HubSpot all-in-one marketing platform. The British Library is a fascinating organisation that seems to blend a kind of membership services organisation with a public service provider, an exhibition operator and small […]

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Hubspot and WordPress

Get more from your website with Hubspot and Toast.

Simply ‘having’ a website doesn’t cut it in today’s search and social-fed traffic to your website. Not being able to identify and nurture visits to your site is a huge problem, and not knowing when you’ve achieved a new business conversion directly from your digital efforts is painful. Welcome to Hubspot. Hubspot closes the gap […]

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Hubspot and WordPress

Who is visiting my website while I’m on holiday?

I don’t know about you but I never quite manage to fully relax on holiday. There’s always the fear that you’re missing business whilst sunning yourself and if you’re not responding to opportunities this week, then where is your business coming from next month? Just who is visiting my website while I am away?   […]

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Who is visiting my website?

When I am talking to marketers and business owners about their website ambitions, one of the most common questions – of course – is ‘who is visiting my website?’ By that, they don’t mean the IP address that Google Analytics gives them, but the actual name of the person visiting the site. Now, as we […]

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Hubspot and WordPress

What are the benefits of inbound marketing?

A very useful report on inbound marketing in 2013 has been published by inbound experts Hubspot. At a weighty 175 pages there’s quite a lot to wade through – so here in the blog, there is a quick summary of some of the key points.  Update 2017 – There are now more recent reports from […]

Inbound benefits
Inbound Marketing

Marketing technology trends

The height of Marketing Technology when I was a marketing junior was a nifty invention from Microsoft called Excel. It was the one place to record contacts details, leads from shows, and other prospect lists. If you wanted to track a contact from first connection to a valued customer you had to have a degree […]

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Review your Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing Strategy and Planning

Failing to plan is planning to fail!

Here at Toast/Inboundology we believe that strategy isn’t just important; its essential if you want to achieve the goals you have and hit the targets you’ve set. We combine a range of strategies from Marketing through to Sales & Business strategies to create an Inbound Marketing Strategy that is based on facts rather than desire.

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Icon design

Social media creates traffic, but inbound marketing makes the sale

Reading a recent article on “the Top 10 Social Media Marketing questions from Business Leaders”, the vast majority were still around the general area of “What do I do with it?”. Yet there seems to be a wonderful optimism in marketing that you complete your full set of social media sites and the cash starts rolling in. It’s like the Simpsons’ episode when Homer starts an internet business – a prospect comes in wanting help and Homer pauses a moment and says “Can I have some money now?”.

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creative inbound marketing

Creative Inbound marketing with full strategic support.

Toast are soon to become a UK-based Hubspot Partner. If you thought you knew how your marketing is working, think again…

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