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Why your business needs a branding agency.

Working with a branding agency can make a real difference to the success of your product or service.

It’s a well-known fact; businesses that invest in design are more successful. 

Working with a branding company should be seen as an essential service. Start-up businesses can use a branding agency to get the best start in life and established businesses can use a branding company for strategy, evaluation and revitalising existing brands.

Wherever your business is on it’s path to success, the benefits of engaging a branding company will lead to many benefits; from customer engagement and brand loyalty and more. 

Effective branding can increase brand authority, push you ahead of your competitors and reach out to new customers.

Below are some of the ways that Toast can make your branding a success.

1. Strategy

We can help you to define your brand strategy. This means setting the foundations for everything you do now and into the future and is crucial if you are to effectively engage with your target market. 

A strategy is about who you are, where you are and how you are going to get to where you want to be.

It covers everything from buyer personas to tone of voice and beyond.

2. Naming

Do you go safe and trustworthy or edgy and out-there? Getting your name right is another important part of the branding mix. 

Naming is difficult, so it should be strategically driven. We can work with you to explore naming directions for your product or service. We do this based on strategic thinking, market research and some creative magic!

3. Logo design

Your brand is not your logo, your logo is not your brand.

A logo, in whatever form it takes, is a very important part of your marketing toolkit, but the logo itself will never do all the work. Having a great logo does not make you a great business.

4. Brand guidelines

Once you’ve created your logo and finalised other key brand elements such as typefaces, colours and other elements, you will need brand guidelines to ensure the logo and other brand elements are used consistently.

5. Brand audit

If you’ve got a more established brand, it’s good practice to review it from time-to-time to ensure that it’s still effective and fit for purpose. A branding agency such as Toast can carry out an impartial brand audit for you, looking at all brand elements and providing feedback for discussion and a list of action points.

6. Changing your brand strategy

Following a brand audit, an updated brand strategy can be planned and rolled-out. This will involve updating all your marketing collateral. Changing your brand strategy is not something that should be approached lightly – there has to be a real benefit in doing so.

7. Changing your branding

If a brand audit or new brand strategy has identified that a rebrand of the business is required, this is something that we help with. There are few reasons to rebrand, it could be that the current branding doesn’t represent the business fully any longer and the business has outgrown it, or it could simply be that the branding is dated and a refresh is required. See our blog post on ‘The benefits of rebranding’.

8. Brand consistency

One key benefit of working with Toast is that we will develop brand consistency to everything that you do and as outlined above, this breeds confidence in the eyes of any businesses target audience.

A branding agency can be impartial and act as brand guardians, ensuring that everything created stays on track with the agreed brand strategy.

What next?

Whether you’re a start-up looking to get your branding sorted or an established business looking to rebrand, talk to Toast about what we can do for you.