Brochure design

We love brochure design!

In the digital world, print on paper still works hard and brochure design projects can be just as effective as online campaigns.

At Toast we are brochure experts, and over the past two decades, we’ve worked on 100s of brochure design projects.

Our creative brochure work spans loads of market sectors and we’ve had experience in working on 100s of brochure projects.

Whether you need a corporate brochure, sales brochure or an annual report, our designers can help you out!

From four to 400 pages, our creative process goes through research, initial design concepts, design development and artworking for print.

We have a keen eye for detail and a swift turnaround, so we can have your brochure off to print in no time!
Our brochure blog has articles, posts and examples of project work for a range of clients.

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Do fliers still work as a marketing tool in the digital age?

Do fliers still work as a marketing tool in the digital age?

There is a presumption that if a marketing promotion is not ‘digital,’ it is redundant or backward thinking. We investigate if this is true and if there is still room for a good old-fashioned flier in the marketing mix. Do Fliers still work in the age of digital marketing?   Fly away, digital… Before discussing […]

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Top 10 Tips to get the very best corporate brochure design

Corporate brochure design should not be a difficult or troublesome experience, so we have compiled a list of Toast’s top 10 things to consider. Toast has helped businesses with corporate brochure design ideas since 1997. We have created business brochures that have allowed clients to sell everything from the smallest plastic grommet to the largest […]

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interactive brochure design

Interactive brochures

Toast can create or convert any professionally designed brochure into an interactive format that can be used across digital channels. If you go through the time and effort to plan and create a brochure then it makes commercial sense to get the most out of the process. You want to be able to share that brochure electronically as well as in hard copy. 

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Fundraising brochure design

Fundraising brochure design

Toast redesigned the layout and typography of this fundraising brochure whilst keeping a unique size of the brochure. More room was made available for images and an infographic was created to illustrate the key facts.

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Clever use of Infographics in Annual Report Design

As the audience for Annual Reports broadens the use of bespoke infographics is now more popular than ever as a way of presenting information in a quick, clear and informative format.  The clever use of Infographics in annual reports is an ever-growing trend, as the audiences for annual reports grow. The need to make complex data […]

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Different formats for brochures

Different formats for brochures

Using different formats for brochures can really make them stand out. Just because it’s a brochure, it doesn’t mean that it has to be A4. We’ve designed 100s of brochures – below are a few of the non-standard brochure designs we’ve produced.

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Do’s and don’ts for annual report design

What you should be doing, and avoiding when creating your next annual report. The do’s Plan – Creating annual reports take longer than you think. You should set a date of when you need the printed report on your desk and work backwards, allowing for collating of the data, writing of the report, design and […]

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Report design

Formats and finishes for annual reports

Selecting the correct format and finish to your annual report will add that extra finesse, making it stand out and communicate more than just the facts. There are a huge variety of formats and finishes to choose from for your annual report design. Here we take a look at what you could do to help add that extra wow factor. Paper […]

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Planning your annual report design

Tips on how to plan a successful annual report design. Assign a project leader As there will be a lot of people contributing to the planning of your annual report, it is good to have a project manager to spearhead this and ensure the project runs smoothly. Define who needs to be involved Everyone likes to […]

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Some helpful tips when creating your next newsletter design

Newsletters have always been the go-to option for marketing design teams that want to update or advise their various audiences. The popularity of this format of marketing material is one of its biggest challenges when creating a new one. The question often lost is how do you make the newsletter engage with your audience? If you […]

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Successful product launch

Successful product launch – designed for maximum impact

If you are looking for help launch a new product in the market or even just a simple new product launch checklist then read on. The most successful product launch is the one that is prepared well and based around a solid strategy with comprehensive planning, as Benjamin Franklin advised – Failing to plan is […]

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Brochure design

What is the best finish for your brochure?

Design finishes can give your brochure that extra wow factor. You need your brochure cover to enhance your reputation: It could be the first impression people get of you and your business.  Toast are experts in this field and our knowledge and experience can help your brochure really pop. Let’s take a quick look at […]

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pocket folder designers

Pocket folder designers

Pocket folders come in all shapes and sizes, and establishing the purpose, content, and use is important before you start, as this will define the type of folder needed.  Toast are experts in pocket folder design – we can help you create the perfect pocket folder that standouts, functional and extends your brand. Following some simple […]

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Brochure design

Adding that little more to your PDF brochure

Online brochure formats are increasingly becoming more and more popular as they give you the ability to respond to client requests instantly.  The most popular are the PDF brochure format, which can be created from various software packages, but there is a lot more you can utilise from this format that will help enhance the end […]

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Exclusive business conferences

Designing an electronic brochure

There is a lot of terminology being used at the moment regarding electronic brochures, epubs (or electronic publications), e-books (electronic books) and iBooks (Apple’s version of the e-book format). This is mainly due to the fact that each major retailer requires a book or brochure in their preferred format, be it on a Kindle, iPhone […]

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Online brochures

Online brochures or ‘flippy page’ brochures have different names but fundamentally offer the same thing, the ability to view your brochure online.

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brochure design for luxury products

First impressions last with luxury brochure design

In this day and age, with consumers being sold to every minute of the day, it is even more important that you consider every aspect of that FIRST IMPRESSION.

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Kohler brochure design

Creating great catalogue design

Toast Design have a range of clients that require complex sales tools from folders to niche brochures, but all depend on us to deliver great catalogue design.

Effective catalogue design

Charity brochure designers

Brochures need to work hard these days, never has this been truer than with Charity brochures. Getting the most out of your budget isn’t so much a desire as a business prerequisite.

Brochure design for charities

Luxury Brochure Design for brands

Here at Toast we have helped our clients sell everything from widgets to thingy-m-bobs but some of the very best luxury brochure design has been driven by prestigious brands…

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