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To be able to provide you with our best quote for the project, please complete the briefing questions below in as much detail as possible.

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  • Do you want to sell a new product? Do you want to advise a particular audience on a specific subject? Do you want to promote a specific message? Looking to educate a particular audience? Is what you do unique or distinctive in any way? (USP)
  • Personas - Do you know what they look like? The clearer you describe the audience the better we can engage with them.
  • CTA - Call To Action = what do you want them to do and how do you want them to do it i.e. contact you by email, respond by calling a specific number – do a particular action.
  • Do you have a target? Quantitative or qualitative – how will you monitor?
  • Do you have all the content and asetts for the peice? For example, images, copy, videos & logos.
  • Do you have brand guidelines and associated files such as any required fonts, colour schemes & tone of voice?
  • Who do you want them to associate or compare you with?
  • If so can you briefly explain how it fits in?
  • Any expectations on budget, schedules or formats/channels are best outlined up front.