Articles on branding, logo design, identity and developing an effective brand.

5 tips for rebranding success.

Rebranding your business is not a decision that is undertaken lightly. It’s a huge commitment of time and resources, and if not done correctly, it can have dire consequences for your company’s future.

What is building a brand all about?

If you need to create a new brand or rejuvenate a flagging/unsuccessful brand then there is no shortage of articles and advice all saying that you should build you brand but gloss over exactly how!

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Brand vs Logo. What’s the difference?

Brand versus Logo? These days the two are often mixed-up, even by designers, with the word ‘brand’ incorrectly used for a few different meanings, we’ll try to set the record straight.

What is branding?

It involves every aspect of communication you have with customers, staff and other audiences – so what is branding?

Creating Effective Logo Design.

There are lots of opinion pieces on logo design and it can be rather confusing, but with over the last 15 years experience working with many businesses we have put together a guide to creating effective logo design.