Toast Strategy

Brand and Marketing Strategy should be continually managed and regularly reviewed and amended when required to achieve key business goals.

Toast offers brand and marketing strategy through workshops and consultancy throughout the marketing process.

If you are looking for support at any stage in the branding and marketing process, talk to Toast.

We offer strategic support throughout the entire marketing process from the inspiration of creative ideas and brands to the application of these through marketing campaigns and business strategy.

The support is tailored to your specific needs and requirements, via a range of workshops and consultancy, allowing you to utilise only the support you require.

Our Brand and Marketing strategy workshops can cover any aspects of the marketing process, but the most common ones can be categorised as:

  • Creative Process – Creative Brief workshop
  • Branding process – Brand Audit workshop, Naming Investigation workshop, Positioning & Tov workshop
  • Marketing & Sales – Business Development workshops, Investigating Inbound marketing workshop 
Brand and Marketing strategy

Our workshops help you to take a step back from the daily routine and are designed to produce unexpected results.

When you’re busy working for the business it can be easy to forget that you also need to work on the business. Our workshops facilitate a much needed ‘time-out’ to focus and define requirements.

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Strategic support via a range of workshops

Everyone can benefit from support at one stage or another. Your needs will be unique to you and your situation, but a solution will be available via one of our comprehensive range of workshops.

Unless otherwise agreed, workshops for up to 8 people at a time are carried out at Toast HQ, although have been delivered on site with clients by agreement. Workshops consist of 4 stages:

  • Research – Reviewing initial brief / requirement / questionnaire / desk research into sector and competitors.
  • Investigation – Telephone interviews, <4hr Workshop,
  • Development – Analysis of research and investigation, draft and 2 round of amends to working document.
  • Delivery – Creation of a working document that outlines the challenge, the development and proposed solution or plan.

Consultancy to provide tailored support

If you are aware of a problem but can not quite put your finger on it or have a challenge that is not reflected in the list of workshops above, then you might want to consider engaging in a more consultative process.

Toast offer consultancy on any aspect of the creative process from initial brainstorming, campaign development & management through to more strategic goals such as aligning brand strategy with underlying business plans.

Over the last 20 years, Toast has worked on solving design and marketing challenges for clients of every shape and size, in almost every sector. We have created marketing materials:

  • for retail clients launching new luxury products;
  • helped charities to re-engage with their audiences;
  • and various food companies create or rebrand their produce.

We use this extensive experience to create innovative solutions that look further than sector preconceptions and apply a best practice approach to your specific requirement. We believe it is this breadth of experience that makes our offering unique.

The first step for either option is to talk to us for a free, no obligation chat about the challenge you face.

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