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The Benefits of Content Marketing – win new business online

Whether you’re winning business online already or planning to improve your digital marketing, the benefits of content marketing are clear; it will help you win more business online.

If you sell a product or service via your website, getting sales and new business conversions is a numbers game. You need a healthy number of visitors to your site in order to convert. This is where the benefits of content marketing come in.

If you’ve currently got a website, it’s probably doing one of two things. Firstly acting as a reference point for your business where people who’ve already heard of you can do a little more research into your product or service. Or secondly, it might already be ranking in the search engines; bringing you visitors (and potential new business) from people searching for your product or service.

Making your website work harder.

You can’t let your website sit there with content that’s gradually growing older. Many people make the mistake of viewing a website as a ‘to-do’ item that can be completed, pushed live and left alone.

In order to maximise the effectiveness of your site, you need new, relevant and interesting content published on there regularly. The benefits of content marketing will not be truly realised unless you have a clear plan of how you’re going to go about this.

We can help you get started with Content Marketing.

Start with a plan.

There are various free and paid-for tools out there that can help you do this. In the most basic form, you’ll need the following to make your content marketing efforts work.

  1. Identify your key personas. Who do you want to attract to your website. What drives them and what needs do they have.
  2. Identify what keywords or phrases these persona’s may use to find you. Don’t used broad, generic terms – what specific phrases are common to both them and you. The more niche you can make these terms, the better chances you have of ranking well for them.
  3. Look for relevant Keywords you already rank for. Are you hovering outside the top 10 for 5 keywords? They are proably a good place to start.
  4. Plan your content. Reaping the benefits of content marketing takes time. Plan your content activity, writing titles for articles you’re planning to publish and establish a timeframe for doing so. Also plan how you will further broadcast your content over social media.
  5. Get everything in a spreadsheet. Plan when you will publish and try to make it relevant and seasonal if that’s the nature of your business. Is there a major industry event in your sector in September? Then would be a good time to be really active.
  6. Set solid foundations. Is your website as optimised as it could be? Does it score over 90% in Googles site tests? If not, get this sorted. You can publish amazing content, but if your website is not built properly, you’ll face an uphill challenge to get it ranking.
  7. Be consistent. Stick to your plan and follow every part of it through. There are lots of factors that need to be considered, so if you attack content marketing sporadically, you’ll not get the results you’re after.
  8. Don’t expect immediate results. Content marketing takes time, so look for the easy wins first and build from there.


benefits of content marketing.

Taking the first steps

It’s really tempting to get as much content live as quickly as possible. In reality, most businesses just don’t have the resource to publish as often as they’d like to, so make sure your pla above is realistic. Often, having too much to do means that the content you do manage to produce can be rushed and ineffective.

It’s best to start slowly, identifying what works for you and then building on that.

Closing the loop to see the real benefits.

Don’t spend precious time and resource on content marketing without first making sure you can identify when you get an enquiry as a direct result of your content marketing.

You’re website probably already has forms and things for visitors to fill in, but ideally you’ll need the following:

  • The ability to create new landing pages for your content to improve conversion rates.
  • Access to create and edit forms for visitors to complete.
  • Tracking so that you can see what page the prospect landed on and where they then went.
  • A CRM so you can manage and track conversations with prospects.
  • A way of showing when a sale has been generated as a direct result of your content marketing efforts.

Getting started.

Wherever you are on your digital marketing journey, we can help you maximise the benefits of content marketing. If you’re just starting out, we can work with you to plan and implement campaigns. Or if you’ve already started, we can show you how to improve your results.

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