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12 Reasons to use Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing techniques and software will undoubtedly have a beneficial effect on the performance of your digital marketing.

There are so many Reasons to use Inbound Marketing to increase conversions and sales, but you don’t have to dive in head first and try to do everything at once.

The key to successful inbound marketing campaigns is great planning. It’s important to be able to identify what works for you quickly to avoid burning through budgets before you get your first conversion.


Reasons to use Inbound Marketing

Below are 12 reasons why we think you should be using inbound marketing.

1. Cost Effective.

Automation is an important part of inbound marketing. Being able to set up complex rules and if/else campaigns mean that once set, you can leave them to do their job. Add into this that you’ll be providing your sales teams with warm leads that convert more. This reduces your cost-per-lead.

2. Be an expert.

You’ll be using your knowledge within your sector to become a leading source of information. The more content you produce, the more often you’ll be found (or sought out) when potential clients have a need for something.

3. Ditch the phones.

Cold calling is ineffective, annoying and can be soul-destroying for sales staff. Marketing your knowledge and expertise to your potential clients means your contacts are warm – you’re in touch with potential customers that want to speak to you.

4. You start to rank in the search

The more content you produce, the larger your site becomes, the more backlinks you get and the higher Google starts to rank you for a whole range of keywords that you provide content for. When your brand is seen in the SERPS for related searches, you’ll encourage higher click-through rates and get more conversions.

5. Fresh Content

Adopting a content marketing strategy means that you’ll have a plan for new content. Google likes new content. Keeping it coming will further increase your overall page rank and domain rank. The more often you publish, the better.

6. Better Social Media

When you’ve got great content to work with, posting relevant and engaging content on social media becomes easier. You’ll do it more often, and as you’re posting great content, your followers and likes will benefit as a result.

7. You’ll be using new marketing techniques.

A simple look at where big brands are going to be spending their marketing budgets in the future suggests a move away from more traditional marketing channels such as radio, print and television advertising. The trend is there now, so you’ll be using techniques that your competitors may be slower than you to employ.

8. Build advocacy.

It’s rare that we talk to a prospect that’s in a position to buy today. Sharing information and expertise using your content is a great way to build your brand advocacy and remain top-of-mind when prospects need something that you offer.

9. Get yourself a go-to website

Publishing plenty of content demonstrating your skills and knowledge within your sector will ultimately make your site a go-to place for research and information. Once you’ve got warm prospects on there, you can use other techniques to convert them or encourage mailing list sign-ups.

10. Don’t wait until all of your competitors are doing it.

If everyone else in your industry is already using content marketing and regularly publishing great thought-leading content within your sector, you can end up looking like a ‘me too’ contender.

11. See what works

It can be very difficult to pin down the success rates of more traditional forms of marketing. Inbound shows you what is working and what’s not worked so well, so you can do more of what wins you new business.

12. Prove return on investment

Trace each and every piece of new business you get back to the content that generated the lead. See the interactions with your website, the downloads and the eventual new business won.

When you start to see what content has produced what sales it’s like a ‘eureka’ moment – and you know how to create even more of those to win even more new business.

Getting started or out there already?

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